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Dear Sir,
I would like to know the following:
1. Method and mathematical expression used in HOMER to determine the daily and hourly load profile from the avergae monthly load data used as input.
2. How i can create my own data file to import these data using HOMER. I have tried to save the data in a file in same formate as HOMER is generating and saved with name "houseload.txt" But HOMER is not accepting this file. Kindly suggest the correct way to create the data file

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Hi Parmal,

You can specify the electrical load data by importing a time series data file or by specifying average daily load profiles. If you choose to specify daily load profiles, HOMER simply puts them together to form a whole year of data, with the optional addition of random variability. So HOMER never assumes a daily load profile; you have to enter the daily load profile. For information on how HOMER creates a full year of data from the daily load profiles, please look up 'synthetic load data' in the index of HOMER's Help system.

If you choose to import a time series data file, the file must be in plain text format, and it must contain one column of numbers, one line for every time step, with no header lines or date/time stamps. The Help article for the Primary Load Inputs window explains this and shows an example. Please click Help on that window to see the article.

I would be happy to take a look at your file if you continue to have trouble with it.

Best regards,
Dear Tom,
As suggested i have gone through the "Help" option to explore "Index..." but a dialog box showing the message " HOMER cannot find the online help file, HOMER_Ver2.68.CHM"
I think i do not have this file. May i kindly request you to update where ( any link to NREL...) i will get this file.
Looking forward to your response please.
Thanks with regards
Hi P.S.Solanki,

I upload the HOMER help file for you. Hope it will help you.



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